Harley’s Halloween Pumpkin Pie


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If there’s one thing that most men don’t know, but really should, its’ that girls with small tits are always going to give the very best blowjobs. It’s something that you don’t really realize until you experience it and Harley is here to make sure that you do. This girl is one of the hottest pieces of ass that you can find at SwallowBay.com and she’s certainly ready to keep that honor. One look at her tight body in her sexy fishnets is enough to know that this babe means business. This girl even has her makeup on for a little more Halloween fun than you’re used to. This teaser makes sure to give you a good preview of what’s in store by going to work on her cake pop. The way this dick sucker slobber all over it is more than enough to get you stiff and ready for action. That’s when this sexy girl decides to pull you out of your pants and see what you have for her. Harley can just manage to get it all in her mouth, but not before this chick takes the time to lick it up and down and get it all lubed up for her mouth. This girl knows how to suck a dick like a pro and she’s more than happy to show off her skills to your shaft. The only problem you’re going to have is keeping all your cum inside your balls until Harley is ready to let it shoot out all over her pretty face. It’s the best part of her blowjob and this minx wants to make sure that you’re able to truly appreciate it when she make it happen.

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