Kali’s Raspberry Cake


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

It’s might not all be sunshine and roses in this world, but it very well might be if you’re in the skilled hands (and mouth) of Kali Roses. Now, this girl is nothing like your regular blondies, she’s got the brains to follow, and they’re mostly used to please men in these amazing virtual reality porn videos because guess what? There’s nothing she would rather do. The fuzzy leopard print cuffs and a collar she’s wearing are here to contain her wild side. You’re the only one who can release her true self, and get yourself treated to some unforgettable moments. The hunt is on, she has seen her prey, your meaty cock, and she’s licking her lips because she can’t wait to get a taste. No restraint will hold her back, she will get down on all fours and approach it, instantly grabbing your big dick with her hands and swallowing it. So delicious, she could keep it in her mouth and suck like candy for days, and the lusty look in her eyes will confirm it, you’re in for a long blowjobs session on this massively entertaining VR porn. This cock-hungry blonde kitten is just starting, give her a pet, watch her melt in your hands, and listen to those moans while she’s slobbering your stiff schlong. She’s all yours, you can even order her to move those paws off your cock so you can slam her throat down on your dick, fuck her mouth because she deserves it dirty. Where do you want to finish? Because she already has something in mind, a way to get all her fits of hunger sated for once, or at least until you come back to feed her again. Your load of jizz will slide down her throat until she’s full, and that means the full course, every last bit of your semen for this sexy pet of yours.

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