Kenna’s Cream Puffs


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If there’s one thing that Kenna James knows will drive any man insane with desire, it’s her absolute love of the creamy filling that she can massage out of him with her mouth. It’s something that she learned she could do a very long time ago and she’s been in love with the act ever since. It’s not her fault that she loves the taste and texture of a man’s essence. It’s just the way that this naughty blonde haired girl happens to be and she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her salty and sticky snack. She’s in her sexiest purple stockings today because she knows that half of the work to get to the creamy filling is getting you nice and hard for her warm and inviting mouth. She takes you on a long tour of her body while she gets her tongue ready with her favorite flavor of a heart shaped lollipop. It doesn’t take her long at all to see that you’re responding to her advances and she knows that she’s about to get exactly what she’s craving from you. It’s a little shocking to her when she sees just how thick and throbbing her skinny body has gotten you but she’s more than willing to put in the extra work of sucking on such a big shaft. She can’t help but close her eyes in ecstasy at her very first taste of the delicious cock that’s meant just for her. She slides her sexy mouth right down on it and starts sucking on it for all that she’s worth. She knows how to savor every last drop that she gets out of it and she’s never been hungrier for the cream that she’s about to receive in her life.

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