The Strip Club Changing Room


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Sexy Stripper Lucy is getting ready in the changing rooms to do her final stripping performance. She is wearing a nude and diamond shiny dress and is showing off her long sexy legs.
Lucy is sitting down on a red leather chesterfield armchair, she is putting on her silver stilettoes. “Last night dancing tonight, stripping for the naughty boys. Slightly nervous… very excited” She sits forward to do some final touches to her make up. “I hope they like me, shake my fat arse for them” she giggles in a flirtatious way as she puts on her blusher. “Get my titties out for the boys and get all sexy on that pole”.
Lucy stands up and struts over to the dressing table, she ruffles up her hair. You can see her nice bouncy arse through her dress. Her high heels compliment her long tanned smooth legs. “Feeling sexy” She puts on some perfume and turns around facing her bag, “Ooh what’s this? I don’t know whose bag this is… I must be working with some horny ladies” Lucy pulls out a dildo from someone’s handbag and wiggles it around. “Who brings a dildo to a strip club…? Actually, it’s not the most unusual thing to find in a strip club.” She fondles the dildo in her hands. “It’s a nice dildo” Lucy gets horny at the fact she is sneaking around with another stripper’s dildo… she gives it a little suck in the mirror. “I bet that will feel really nice in my pussy, Shall I try it?” she looks around to see if the room is private. Lucy puts her heel on the arm of the chair and tries to push it into her pussy, it needs to be sucked! She starts to suck on the dildo and watches herself in the mirror.
“That’s an amazing dildo. Tastes good too mmmm” Lucy sucks the dildo and rubs the bell with her tongue. “That’s going to feel nice in my cunt” She starts to slide the dildo into her pussy again, her arse is cocked up in the air. She is loving this… her pussy is so wet and tight she moans “Fuck yeah that feels good” After thrusting the dildo a few times she takes the dildo out of her wet pussy and tastes it slowly in her mouth “I want to taste myself mmm” She licks and sucks the dildo “Fuck my pussy tastes good”. Lucy shoves the dildo straight back into her pussy and starts to fuck herself loudly.
Lucy grips the dildo in her teeth and pulls herself up onto the dressing table, as she jumps up the dildo bounces in her mouth. She opens her legs and leans one foot on the surface. Her pussy is nice and shaved ready for this stranger’s dildo to fuck her hard. “Argh It’s a nice big FAT Dildo” She moans “I will take every inch of it in my nice… wet… pussy” Lucy is so pleased. She groans and pants.
She is thrusting herself with the dildo, “Fuck I love cock, oh that feels good. Mmm I’m so horny today” Lucy slides the dildo in and out of her tight wet pussy, she gets faster and pushes it in deeper getting turned on by the fact she could be caught any minute. Lucy has such a cheeky horny way about her, she starts to suck on the dildo and spits on it with force, she pushes it back into her pussy and pulls in out making wet noises with her pussy. She plays for a few moments.
Lucy moves to the chair, she has her foot up on the arm and her other foot dangling over the seat. She continues to fuck herself with the dildo, “oh my pussy’s so wet”. She spanks herself and gets louder “oh fuck” she pushes it deep inside her. She leans back into the chair and opens her legs wide, putting both legs over the arms of the chair, she slowly strokes her pussy and opens her pussy lips. Slowly she slides the dildo back into her pussy hole rubbing her clit and fucking herself with excitement. She is lubing herself up for her performance and getting so horny “I’m so close to coming, oh fuck I’m gonna come!” her legs start to tense up as she sighs out loud. Lucy reaches her climax as she keeps the dildo deep in her pussy. “Oh, I come so hard, fuck yeah that’s good!” she growls. “I think they are gonna like me in this club don’t you?”

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