Toxic Relationship


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Your girlfriend, Angel Windell, walks in and declares that your toxic relationship is over. She is mad at you, and she should better date your cousin because he is rich and could take better care of her. Anyone would spoil her or buy her a gift at least sometimes, but not you. You didn't even take her out to dinner on her birthday! Angel notices your cock got hard after her words. Perhaps you’re a jerk, but you'll miss her petite body, her little tight pussy, and don't mind fucking her one last time. Angel takes her panties off to offer you the last sniff of her sweet scent. Still angry, she tastes you one last time. You don’t deserve this all, but she gets so horny after the blowjob. Moaning Angel sucks your tongue and kisses you. She licks your nipples and finally sits on your hips, putting your cock all the way into her pussy. To be honest you both wanted this. But this is her turn to get pleasure from sex. Move to the bedroom to serve her nastily and hardly. Slap Angel’s ass, lick her toes, fuck her in the doggy style. Eat her wet pussy out and suck her holes. Fuck her while she’s on her back, and enjoy watching her cum! No longer mad, she begs you to fill her up with your cum. Give Angel this last favor, and wait until she says those long-awaited words: let’s stay together. You win again.

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