VR Webcam Sex Part 2


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Solo VR Porn scene featuring sexy Blonde Amber Deen. Watch the foxy Amber get up to mischief with toys in front of the webcam. Exclusive VR Porn video courtesy of the Virtual Porn Website.
Amber dean is sitting across her bed in her lace costume, she has blonde hair tied back with glasses. Her room is nice and modern with a grey colour theme.
“Hi is everybody ready for round 2 of some virtual web camming? Because I sure am, we had so much fun the last time I just wanna have more fun with all of you guys!” Amber turns onto her stomach still facing the webcam, she spreads her legs wide with her arse sticking up in the air.
“Mmm” She moans as she runs her hands on her pussy then down her leg, she gets up on her hands and knees and starts bouncing her arse in front of the camera. “Do you like what you see?” as she giggles flirtatiously.
From behind she rubs her hands on her pussy and says “I wanna make it nice and wet, for you.”
She lies back and stretches her legs out into the air. She jumps up into sitting position and pulls down her top in excitement “my nipples are really hard, I can feel them” as she grabs her nipples between her fingers. “I am turned on!” as she puckers her lips towards the webcam.
Amber gets back on to her knees so her arse is facing the webcam, she spreads her legs a bit and starts again to bounce her arse cheeks “this is what it looks like if I am bouncing on your dick, yeah, nice for you” she grabs her pussy and strokes it through her lace costume.
She just can’t keep still, she wants to get going so she sits back with her legs wide and feet pointing down, rubbing her pussy again, “not yet I wanna tease youz a bit more” Her Scottish accent is strong and sexy! She grasps her boob and licks her fingers and keeps rubbing her tits. “Am I gonna get another orgasm tonight? Mmm, nice hard nipples for you!”
Amber lies back and un-pops her buttons on her costume, her pussy instantly come out she starts to lick her fingers and rub her pussy “ohh I love this!” she starts to moan as she starts to play with her pussy, she gets closer to the webcam.
Amber starts spanking her pussy, it is turning her on so much. She leans over and gets her glass dildo from off the bedside table, she gets closer to the webcam and wets her pussy she starts to rub the dildo on her clit, moaning as it feels cold on her clit. Amber pushes it into her pussy really deep “oh fuck!” she rubs her clit as she pushes the dildo in slowly, in and out.
She gets in front of the webcam and starts licking and sucking her dildo, she just wishes it was you, it looks delicious.
“I bet you guys wish you could taste this right now, I wish this was your dick” as she starts to suck on her dildo, “my pussy just wants to cum, ooo fuck, ooo”. As she beds over on the bed she bends over and slides the dildo in from behind. Amber really wants to make herself cum so she goes faster with the dildo, he legs start shaking “I’m gonna cum!” she rubs the dildo all over her tits.
“Well guys, I’m just trembling away, I hope you had fun, because I sure did” whilst her legs are shaking, she looks all flustered, Amber gets up and bends over in front of the webcam, she takes her hand and blows a kiss.

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