Wanna See A Trick?


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Zuzu Sweet has been having some trouble lately. She loves roller skating and goes out with some friends to a local park almost every day. Zuzu loves to skate and also loves being around so many hot, fit guys. There is one in particular who has caught her attention. The problem is, he doesn’t pay any attention to her. He is too busy with his new VR headset. Deciding that she has been ignored long enough, she puts on a skimpy swimsuit hoping it will make her crush take notice of her hot body. In this VR porn video, she checks herself out in the mirror and thinks she looks pretty damn hot, but Zuzu wants a second opinion. She doesn’t need to wait for him to say anything to know exactly what he thinks of her outfit and how she looks in it. You shift in your seat and cover your crotch, but not before she gets a good look at how hard your cock is just from looking at her. Zuzu finds herself turned on by her stepbrother’s boner and wants to keep teasing you. She asks you if you want to see more and of course, you do. She only agrees when you promise to take your cock out and play with it. Watching you stroke your big dick makes her forget all about the guy at the skatepark. Her pussy is wet and her body is on fire with desire as your fist pumps and you stare at her with lust-filled eyes. You ask to see more so she removes her outfit and starts to rub her clit as you continue to stroke. Your pumping increases and she fucks her twat until you both explode. Zuzu cums on her fingers while her stepbrother shoots his load all over her big tits. Who needs to go skating to find a good cock when she has a big one right at home.

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